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Gaining Confidence in First Aid

“I am a qualified first-aider but I’m not sure how I would fare if my skills were actually put to the test”

Gaining Confidence in First Aid

“I don’t think I can remember what I was taught!”

“I hope I could handle it but you never know until the time arrives.”

Have you ever felt that way? Would you really remember the skills you were taught on your First Aid at Work (FAW) course?

Most people hope they will never have to find out.

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This one day CPD event is designed to give first-aiders confidence that they CAN do it, as well as first-aid trainers and experienced ones alike an opportunity to learn that little extra.

You will also hear real-life stories from local individuals who have successfully dealt with first-aid situations that have been suddenly thrust upon them. Discover also the benefits of using your skills in the wider community.

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Places are limited to 100 people, so book early to

avoid disappointment.

This is NOT a first aid course

It is a confidence building exercise

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